Our Complete List of Routine Water Analysis Testing Services

Engineering Performance Solutions offers many different services. See the list below for our full list of available services. From air quality testing to GAC testing, we have the equipment to provide you with the most accurate test results available. Call us today to schedule an appointment. 
    1. Performance Based Testing (Develop 4 point dose removal curve for PAC1)
    2. RSSCT2 (Evaluate GAC3 via RSSCT)
    3. Taste & Odor Analysis (Test water sample for MIB and Geosmin using GC/MS/SPME)
    4. Taste & Odor Analysis (Test water sample for MIB, Geosmin, IBMP, IPMP and TCA using GC/MS/SPME)
    5. Isotherm 5 point AC Performance
    6. TOC (Total Organic Carbon)
    7. Semi-Volatiles (Using Gas Chromatography)
    8. VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds using Gas Chromatography)
    9. THMs, (Test for Trihalomethanes using Gas Chromatography)
    10. BET Surface Area Analysis
    11. Pore Size Distribution and Volume Analysis
    12. Total Ash
    13. Acid Soluble Ash or Water Soluble Ash
    14. Iodine Number or Butane Capacity Number
    15. Phenol Value
    16. Tannin Value
    17. PH, True/Contact
    18. Moisture Content: Oven / Dean-Stark
    19. Lab Scale Thermal Activations
    20. Molasses Number
    21. Ball Pan Hardness
    22. GAC Particle Size Distribution
    23. Actual Phosphate (soluble/reactive)
    24. Abrasion Number
    25. Apparent Density
    26. Ignition Temperature Test
    27. Methylene Blue
    28. Water Soluble Content
    29. Consulting


    Call toll free for Pricing – 855-230-1893

    1 Powdered Activated Carbon.

    2 Rapid Small-Scale Column Test.

     3 Granular Activated Carbon

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