PAC Testing Services

Powdered Activated Carbon Treatment is a water treatment technology where powdered activated carbon is added to an anaerobic or aerobic treatment system. The carbon in the biological treatment process acts as a "buffer" against the effects of toxic organics in the wastewater. Powdered Activated Carbon is also used in the processing of drinking water at treatment facilities, primarily on a seasonal basis in order to deal with aesthetic problems with the water such as odor and taste issues. Here at EPS, we can test for the following things:

  • PAC profiling and performance based testing
  • Dose removal curves for target contaminants of interest (e.g., MIB, geosmin, TOC)
  • Carbon specifications:
    • Tannin value
    • Phenol value
    • Iodine number
    • BET surface area
    • Pore volume
    • Pore size distribution

“A particular PAC should be selected based on cost per unit of MIB removed, not the cost per unit weight.” JAWWA, Vol 90. No. 1, 1998, pg. 98-108
powder activated carbon services
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