We Specialize in MIB/Geosmin Analysis & Carbon Based Performance Tests


We also offer activated carbon tests, rapid small scale column tests & testing for disinfection byproducts

About Engineering Performance Solutions

Engineering Performance Solutions, LLC was established by a team of individuals with roots in the water treatment industry. Our company is a symbiotic combination of both a laboratory and a consulting firm. One founding principle of EPS has been the education and improvement of that industry. A further explanation of these goals is available in EPS' business model.
Taste and odor testing

Engineering Performance Solutions, LLC is a performance based laboratory/consultant. Our goal at EPS is to help the water treatment industry optimize its activated carbon selection by providing Performance Factors – developed specifically for each utility or company. These performance factors allow our customers to make an informed decision on activated carbon based on cost per unit of MIB removed, as opposed to cost per unit weight. In this industry, quality is more important than quantity and a decision based on test results can save tens of thousands of dollars on activated carbon.

Our team at Engineering Performance Solutions, LLC is comprised of engineers, Ph.D.s, laboratory technicians and consultants. Strength drawn from diversity in expertise, age, gender and ethnicity bring views to the table from a variety of perspectives.

Each project or analysis undertaken by Engineering Performance Solutions, LLC is continually monitored by several members of our qualified staff. Additionally, our leaders have over 25 years of business management experience.

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